Revitalizing the Agricultural Technology System in Bangladesh (Bangladesh Development Series, paper No. 7)
  Report Summary:

This report outlines the policy and institutional reforms needed to revitalize the agricultural technologysystem in Bangladesh in order to generate and disseminate appropriate agricultural technologies in the context of changing needs of the agricultural sector. The challenge is to implement the findings and recommendations of this report by intensifying support for agriculture in a way that promotes pro-poor agricultural growth, reduces rural poverty and improves the welfare of the rural people.

The strategic role of the agricultural technology system (research and extension) in increasing agricultural productivity has been well demonstrated over the last 30 years through contributions to increased cereal yields, in particular rice, and total food production. In more recent years, the system has found it difficult to generate and transfer profitable technologies suited to the changing needs of farmers. The role of improved agricultural technology to improve productivity would be even more critical in the future to meet the increasing demand for food and fiber, including high value commodities, for increasing population, from a declining agricultural land base and the need to make the agricultural sector more competitive in the context of expanding globalization.