Debapriya Bhattacharya

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Bangladesh Development Debates : Perspectives from Policy Dialogues (Volume Two)
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The present Volume II of collected dialogue reports covers CPD dialogue reports on four broad themes..
Recent Inflation in Bangladesh: Trends, Determinants and Impact on Poverty
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This volume, published as the IRBD thematic issue for 2007-08, captures the findings of two studies,..
Bangladesh Apparel Sector in Post MFA Era: A study on the ongoing restructuring process
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This volume is the outcome of a study jointly implemented by the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) an..
Gender and Trade Liberalisation in Bangladesh: The case of the readymade garments (CPD Research Monograph-2)
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The research monograph presents the findings of the CPD research project on Gender and Trade Liberal..
Globalisation and the LDCs : Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific Region
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This volume on Globalisation and LDCs: Perspectives from the Asia Pacific Region is a compendium of ..
Bangladesh in the Global Trade Regime : Labour, Environment, Agriculture, Export and Trade Negotiations
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The volume is a compendium of eight articles that reflects the dynamics of Bangladesh’s external s..
Bangladesh Share Market: looking Ahead after Two Big Crashes
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It was a long arduous journey for the stock market in Bangladesh to reach this level from the nascen..
Global Recovery, New Risks and Sustainable Growth: Repositioning South Asia
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The volume captures the rich discourse of the Fourth South Asia Economic Summit (SAES IV) and the id..