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Zainul Abedin: Great Masters of Bangladesh
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The genesis of the modern art movement in Bangladesh traces back to the partition of India (1947) an..
Travels Thru Bangladesh
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Travels thru Bangladesh arises out of the need to inform visitors of the wonders and adventures awai..
The Buildings of Khan Jahan in and Around Bagerhat
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The area around the present small township of Bagerhat, known in the Middle Ages as the Mosque-city ..
Sundarban - A Photographic Journey
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Sundarban is the world's largest mangrove forest. It straddles the coast of Bangladesh and India; 60..
Shahidul Alam: My Journey as a Witness
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An insight into the evolution of one of the most significant movements in contemporary photography, ..
Sailing against the Wind: Boats and Boatmen of Bangladesh
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Some of the greatest rivers of the world flow through Bangladesh. These rivers form what is perhaps ..
Safiuddin Ahmed: Great Masters of Bangladesh
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The first volume in this series dedicated to the great artists of Bangladesh, previously unknow..
Rafiq Azam Architecture for Green Living
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The first ever monograph on contemporary architectural practice in Bangladesh, dedicated to internat..
Protecting Bangladesh’s Geographical Indication Interests: The Case of Jamdani
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This publication emerged from a collaborative initiative of the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) and..
Muzharul Islam Architect
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Muzharul Islam is the single most dominant influence on modern architecture in Bangladesh. Fifty eig..
Muslin: Our Story
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An exciting new book that takes you on the trail of muslin. This remarkable publication starts from ..