Report on Bangladesh Sample Vital Statistics - 2015

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Monitoring the Situation of Vital Statistics of Bangladesh (MSVSB) Project is a regular surveillance system undertaken by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics to determine the annual population change at national and sub nat ional level. The objective of the MSVSB of BBS is to collect, compile and publish demographic data to meet the inter censual data needs of stakeholders. Over the years, the vital registration system has been improved and the sample coverage has been increa sed to estimate reliable demographic indicators at the sub national levels. The special feature of MSVSB(former SVRS) is the collection of data under a dual record system to estimate demographic indicators and vital statistics using Chandra Sekar and Demi ng Method . Under this system vital events are collected as and when it occurs by a locally recruited female registrar termed as Local Register (LR) (System - 1). On the other hand, under a second system another group of officials from District/Upazila Statis tical Office of BBS(data collector of system - 2) also collect the data independently from the same area on quarterly basis (system - 2). Having the filled in Schedule s from the two systems, data are matched in the headquarter s by a pre - designed matching crite ria and the demographic rate, ratios are calculated following Chandra Sekar and Deming procedure. In order to find denominators for the demographic parameters, a detailed household survey is conducted at the beginning of every year covering basic household and population Characteristics. The report on the MSVSB 2015 is based on the vital events such as births, deaths, marriages, divorce etc. occurred during 2015 and validated by a group of senior officers of BBS through extensive field visits as and when ne cessary.

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