Bangladesh Economic Review-2003

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Publisher: Government of Bangladesh
Authors: Ministry of Finance, GoB (Author)
Edition: 1st edition
Page: 253
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Publication Date: June 1, 2003
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'Bangladesh Economic Review', is an important publication of the Finance Division. It highlights the status of socio-economic situation of the country by presenting and reviewing data on various sectors relating to FY 2002-03 and the previous years. In the English version of the Review, data, in most cases, have been updated up to June 2003. 2. In this publication fifteen chapters and sixty-three statistical appendices have been presented. Chapter one contains a brief review of the macroeconomic trends of the country. Chapters two to six incorporate an assessment of the country's macroeconomic fundamentals like GDP, wage and employment, fiscal and monetary sector developments. In the sector-specific chapters (chapters seven to eleven), developments in the major sectors of the economy like agriculture, industry, power and energy, transport and communication have been reviewed. Chapters twelve to fifteen, focusing on the thrust sector of the economy, present brief account of the initiatives of the government towards human development, poverty alleviation, private sector and environmental development. An attempt has been made to incorporate time series data/ statistical appendices since 1973-74 derived from the available sources. Every effort has been to make the review reader-friendly.

Contents: Socio-Economic Indicators of Bangladesh, Macro Chapters: Chapter 1- Macroeconomic Situation, Chapter 2- GDP, Saving and Investment, Chapter 3- Prices, Wages and Employment, Chapter 4- Fiscal Policy and Fiscal Management, Chapter 5- Monetary Management and Financial Market Development, Chapter 6- External Sector, Sectoral Chapters: Chapter 7- Agriculture, Chapter 8- Industry, Chapter 9- State Owned Enterprises, Chapter 10- Power and Energy, Chapter 11- Transport and Communication, Chapter 12- Human Development, Thrust Area Chapters: Chapter 13- Poverty Alleviation, Chapter 14- Private Sector Development, Chapter 15- Environment and Development, Statistical Appendices,

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