Not Myth But Reality: The Indigenous People of Bangladesh

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Brand: Pathak Shamabesh
Authors: Dr. Shahed Hassan (Author), Md. Ayub Ali (Author)
Edition: 1st edition
ISBN: 9789847021200
Page: 100
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Publication Date: January 1, 2009
Product Code: 4981
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Bangladesh is blessed with a cultural mosaic. But all the mosaic pieces do not glitter, particularly a large number of small pieces are not distinct and also not blended well with the big and dominants. About 45 indigenous communities are indeed very much discriminated against and segregated from the mainstream. The book presents the issues where the pain of discrimination, exploitation and other forms of deprivation is obvious and strongly felt.

The indigenous communities are living in the country for centuries but their very recognition is unclear. They do possess unique cultural identities but are hardly valued. Their living is tough and full of hardship but remain unattended and unaddressed. To comprehend such a situation the book has organized facts and figures, obtained through a baseline study, in a manner that will give brief but meaningful information of the indigenous people. Beside various factors which are keeping them out of the mainstream, the most crucial are socio- economic and cultural. Nevertheless, land remains the major concern. Once owned and now lost is a tragedy in a person’s life. Along with, other influencing factors keeping them alienated are educational backwardness, non-functioning role of the customary organizations, less access to legal support and other services from government and non-government agencies. All these are integral part of the book. While reading each chapter certain recommendations can be noted and these are put forward in overt and covert language.

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