Bangladesh Population and Housing Census 2011, Zila Report: Khulna

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Brand: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
Authors: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (Author)
Edition: 1st edition
ISBN: 9789843386236
Page: 600
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Publication Date: October 1, 2015
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Population Census is indeed the only recognized and reliable data source in Bangladesh on size, spatial distribution and all basic characteristics of population from national level down to village level. Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) had conducted the fifth Population and Housing Census 2011 during the period of March 15-19, 2011 starting at the zero hour of 15 March, 2011. The publication of separate reports for each Zila is undertaken on the basis of census results to meet the demand of data and information for subnational planning and policy making. Khulna Zila Report is one of the 64 Zila Reports of the country. The census results for Khulna zila along with the results of all upazilas of the districts are furnished in the report in order to facilitate the users at various levels. The key findings of the zila namely "Khulna Zila at a Glance" will be of special advantage to the users. I believe that the data presented in this report will provide a benchmark database to policy makers, planners, researchers, administrators, development partners and other agencies for formulating and implementing their plans and programs for overall development. I also believe that this report will be helpful for all users both at home and abroad.

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