Census of Agricultural - Bangladesh 2008, Zila Series: Rangamati District

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Publisher: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
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Publication Date: May 2, 2011
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Agriculture is the single most dominant sector of the country. It has significant impact on all vital plans and programmes of economic growth, employment generation, poverty alleviation, and food security. Timely and reliable statistics on structure and performance of the agriculture sector are, therefore, indispensable for pragmatic agricultural development planning and policy formulation.

Agriculture census is the principal tool for providing comprehensive statistics about structural parameters of the agriculture sector. The government, therefore, accorded a high priority for conducting a full count census both in rural and urban areas of the country simultaneously. The data collection scheme of the census was carried out in two phases: (i) full count with a short questionnaire in the first phase and (ii) a sample survey with a long questionnaire in the second phase.

The census aimed at making available for all households the basic data in such detail as household group, agriculture land ownership, tenancy, land use, cropping pattern, irrigation, livestock & poultry, and farm employment on 100 percent full count basis. Also, the census aim was to supplement full count data by conducting a sample survey of farm holdings designed for generating comprehensive agriculture statistics in much greater detail.

In order to compile as quickly as possible the large volume of data sets of the census, a centralized processing system was development and adopted. Under the system manual editing, data capture through manual keying into computer, computer editing, and tabulations were systematically linked in order to get error-free final results of the census. It is hoped that the census information and data as available would be able to fill up data gaps that persisted for long as a barrier to clear understanding of current and overall situations of the agriculture sector. Published by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS).

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