Monthly Statistical Bulletin of Bangladesh- 2016: February

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Edition: 1st Edition
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Language: English
Publication Date: February 1, 2016
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The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) has been bringing out the Monthly Statistical Bulletin (MSB) over the last 30 years as a regular publication the main purpose of this publication is to present the current socio-economic structure of the country covering almost all the sectors. This publication is alienated to 13 chapters focusing on particular subject matter area for facilitating the users, attention in accordance with their requirement. Like many other publications by BBS, the Monthly Statistical Bulletin has proven to be a unique source of information in the wide range of socio-economic issues pertaining to Bangladesh. Sources of Data: Data Sources are referred under the tables. Rounding of Figures: In many cases figures have been rounded off to the nearest final digit (in cases of thousand, million, lakh, crore, etc.). This many lead to slight discrepancy between the sum of constituent items and total. In such cases, however, the total figure should be used instead of sum of the constituent items. Greater District: "Greater District" is used to denote the 21 districts functioning before the creation of new 64 districts. Greater district is identical with "Statistical Region" used in the earlier issues of the Monthly Statistical Bulletin.

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