Report on Rural Credit Survey - 2014

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Publication Date: December 1, 2014
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Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) has conducted a comprehensive survey on Rural Credit for the second time . T he first Rural Credit Survey was conducted by BBS in 1987. The main objective of this study is to generate official statistics on rural credit for effective agricultural credit planning. Bangladesh economy depends on rural development and rural economy play s a significant role for poverty reduction and economic development. Rural credit creates employment opportunities and increases agricultural production. G overnment, non - government organizations and i ndividual moneylenders provide credit for different purposes in rural areas. However , sometimes it becomes difficult to disburse agricultural credit due to lack of updated data on source, demand and possible use of it. I t is necessary to make the updated data available to plan the rural development activities. Under the Rural Credit Surv ey 201 4 , d ata were collected from 56 , 000 loan recipient household s of 2 , 240 Enumeration Areas (EAs) covering all upazila s by the filled - in questionnaire s with 75 questions. Loan recipient h ouseholds wer e identified after listing operation and data of 25 borrowing household s were collected from each Enumeration Area . Data processing, data analysis and report writing were done by the experts of BBS with technical guidance of T echnical and Working C ommittee s . This report provides elaborate information on the volume and value of household based rural credit s , its nature of use, influence on income genera tion, employment and agricultural production.

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