Statistical Yearbook of Bangladesh-2007

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Publisher: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
Authors: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (Author)
Edition: 27th edition
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9845088600
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Product Code: SYB2007
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Condition: New Book, Never used

The Statistical Yearbook of Bangladesh 2007 is the 27th edition of this regular annual publication series of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS). This publication attempts to portray a wide spectrum of socio-economic and socio-demographic data of Bangladesh in a comprehensive and systematic manner. This publication is divided into fourteen chapters which include General Features and Environment, Area, Population & Household, Labour and Manpower, Agriculture, Industry, Energy, Transport and Communication, Foreign Trade, Banking & Insurance, Price and Wages, National Income, Education, Health & Family Planning, Consumption, Household Income and Expenditure. With the emergence of market economy, the use of statistical information has been increased tremendously. Considering the importance of time series data for long term movement of the different important socio-economic and demographic indicators of the country, time series data have been provided in all fields. One of the main limitations in timely preparation of this publication is that data produced by other agencies are not always available in time and in suitable form. These data need to be restructured for inclusion in the Year Book.

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