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ICT Use and Access by Individuals and Households Bangladesh 2013
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A rapid development of ICT usage in Bangladesh has been noticed as a milestone of the introduction o..
In Praise of Niranjan: Islam, Theatre and Bangladesh
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This book is in praise of Nirañjan, "He who is stainless", by extension, of everything that is pure ..
In Quest of Fairness
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This book assesses the extent to which fairness prevails in various aspects of Bangladesh’s politics..
Inclusive Finance and Sustainable Development: Occasional Speeches of Bangladesh Bank Governor 2009 - 2013
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This superb anthology, featuring speeches and talks of Bangladesh central bank governor and a brilli..
Incomparable Sachin Dev Burman
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This is a book of love, for music and a special person who was an icon in the industry.SD Burman was..
India under British Rule from the Foundation of the East India Company
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Personal collection copy, some stamps or tickets. A readable copy. All pages are intact. Ship is usu..
India: Beyond the Taj and the Raj
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New Delhi in the mid-1950s forms Raana Haider’s first recollection of India. She accompanied her dip..
Inside Bengal Politics: 1936-1947: Unpublished Correspondence of Partition Leaders
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The decade preceding the 1947 Indian partition was an eventful period, with profound impact on the s..
International Relations and Bangladesh
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The book traces the evolution of major events of international relations during the 19th and 20th ..
Jagatpur 1977-97: Poverty and Social Change in Rural Bangladesh
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This is a longitudinal study seeking to explain poverty in rural Bangladesh during the two decades b..
Journal of Bengal Art Volume 4, 1999 :Gouriswar Bhattacharya Volume
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B.N. Mukherjee : Issues in the Art of Bengal J.F. Salles : Excavations at Mahasthangarh: New Evidenc..
Journal of Bengal Art, Volume 1, 1996
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Asok Datta : The Art of Pottery Paintings in Bengal during Black and Red Ware (Chalcolithic) Culture..