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The State of Governance in Bangladesh 2012: Regions, Representation, Disparity
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Since 2006 the Institute of Governance Studies (IGS), BRAC University has been annually publishing T..
The Story of Bones and Other Poems
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The story of bones and other poems is a book of verse by kamal Chowdhury, a poet of the 70s. The poe..
The Story of the Bible
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Personal collection copy, some stamps or tickets. A readable copy. All pages are intact. Ship is usu..
The Strong Women of Modhupur
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The Strong Women of Modhupur reviews the history of the Garo people of both India and Bangladesh sin..
The Working of Parliamentary Committees in  Westminster Systems: Lessons for Bangladesh
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Committees are ubiquitous. They are found in all types of legislatures- large or small, old or new. ..
The Wounded Land: Peoples Politics Culture, War Crimes, Liberation War and Literature in Bangladesh
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In our so-called global village, we are perhaps, going through the hardest times. The whole human si..
Third International Conference on Regional Economic Cooperation among Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar (BCIM)
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This publication covers the Third Conference on Regional Economic Cooperation among Bangladesh, Chin..
Through Moments in History : Memoirs of Two Decades of Intellectual and Social Life (1970-1990)
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The final part recounts the author’s struggle and successes, after he was thrown in exile in the las..
Time Use Pilot Survey-2012
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Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) has conducted the Time Use Pilot Survey 2012 successfully. Tho..
Towards Regional Integration in South Asia: Promoting Trade Facilitation and Connectivity
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This compendium focuses on some of the most pressing issues that are critically important to advanci..
Trade and Industrial Policy Environment in Bangladesh with Special Reference to Some Non-Traditional Export Sectors
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During the past twenty years or so, Bangladesh has implemented wide-ranging trade policy reforms. Th..
Trade Facilitation in Bangladesh through Simplification of Business Processes and Procedures
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Cross-border trade and transactions require a number of steps and procedures that need to be complet..
Traditional Agricultural Implements of Bangladesh
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Traditionally the farmers of Bangladesh have been using a variety of tools or implements in their ev..
Transition to Democracy: Kaleidoscope of a Changing World
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'Transition to Democracy’ is a compilation of articles published in newspapers ad magazines at home ..
Travels Thru Bangladesh
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Travels thru Bangladesh arises out of the need to inform visitors of the wonders and adventures awai..