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Uncertain Tomorrows: Livelihoods, Capital and Risk in Labour Migration from Bangladesh
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This ethnography seeks to understand the connections between livelihoods, risk, capital and migratio..
Understanding Governance & Public Policy in Bangladesh
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Bangladesh is a unitary state with “Westminster model” of governance, but the reality for governance..
Understanding Journalism
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This is a hand book of Journalism. It covers a wide field from reporting, rewriting, subbing, headli..
Urban Crime and Violence in Dhaka
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Based on extensive field investigations as well as analysis of secondary data, Urban Crime and Viole..
Urban Governance in Asia: Sub-regional and City Perspectives
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Cities in developing countries of Asia are faced with multifarious problems, some of which have reac..
Venturing Into a Quota Free World The Ready made Garment Industry of Bangladesh
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This book brings together a number of empirical papers based on suitable analytical structures that ..
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Here are stories told with verve and vitality, with vim and vigour. They range from the politics of ..
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''You were sad, you were smiling. You were flying, yet your feet were firmly on the ground. You were..
Witness to Surrender
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Siddiq Salik spent 1971 in Dhaka as a uniquely privileged observer and participant in the political ..
Women and Human Security in South Asia: The Cases of Bangladesh and Pakistan
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The book brings a gender sensitive approach into the discourse and practice on human security in Ban..
Women and Militancy: South Asian Complexities
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This book is an attempt to bring the complexities and multiplicities of violence inflicted against w..
Women's Political Participation in Bangladesh An Empirical Study
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This monograph examines the problems of women’s political participation in Bangladesh. This study fi..
Women, Land and Power in Bangladesh: Jhagrapur Revisited
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The central question in this empirical study is the impact of women’s land ownership on existing pow..