Pathak Shamabesh

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Shahabuddin Nagari : Midnight Locomotive and Other Poems
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In the 1970s, Shahabuddin Nagari emerged in the scene of Bengali poetry with a distinctive voice. Hi..
Participation of the Rural Poor in Development
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This work is the first in a two-volume series edited by the author on the subject of Participatory D..
Development, Decentralization and Democracy: Exploring Social Capital and Politicization in the Bengal region
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This book explores the controversy in political science over the civil society/social capital paradi..
Documenting the Undocumented : Female Migrant Workers from Bangladesh
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Official figures on female migrant workers from Bangladesh are incredibly low and, most agree, misle..
Nineteen seventy one and other stories: a collection of short stories
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Rashid Askari is one of the promising story-tellers of our time and an emerging talent to Bangladesh..
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In your violet light, I once rejoined But inside, I knew bow my every wept. Alaka Halder’s poems rev..
Not Myth But Reality: The Indigenous People of Bangladesh
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Bangladesh is blessed with a cultural mosaic. But all the mosaic pieces do not glitter, particularly..
Food Security of Net Food Importing Developing Countries (NFIDCS) in the Context of WTO Negotiations
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The book aims to establish a linkage between food security and WTO (World Trade Organization) negoti..
Charland in Bangladesh: Political Economy of Ignored Resource
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Within the overall sacio-economic and political context of Bangladesh, CHAR LAND remains an ignored ..
Human Resource Development: Maritime Education and Training in Bangladesh-a socio-economic approach for an explorative research
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It reviews current scenarios of MET in Bangladesh, India and Vietnam with a brief comparative analys..
Development as Conscientization: The Case of Nijera Kori in Bangladesh
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This book Challenges the Conventional wisdom of narrowly-defined development which concentrates prim..
The Hidden Matrix : Women's Positions and Gender Relations in Adibasi Societies
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Indigenous people of Bangladesh are marginalized in the national context of Bangladesh primarily bec..
100 Poems of Abu Karim
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Being one of the prominent figures among even several poets of the nineteen seventies, Poet Abu Kari..
Of Mangroves and Monsters: Women’s Political Participation and Women’s Studies in Bangladesh
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Bangladesh women are far removed from statecraft in terms of representation and participation in pol..
Bangladesh : Failure of a Parliamentary Government 1973 - 75
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Thirty years of independence from the internal colonial rule of Pakistan has not provided Bangladesh..
Life and Land of Adibashis: Land Dispossession and Alienation of Adibashis in the Plain Districts of Bangladesh
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The adibashis (indigenous peoples) in the Plain land of Bangladesh are some of the most politically ..
Hospital Management : The Future in Asia
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Hospital Management is a dynamic, diversified and a multidimensional system. In recent times it has ..
In Praise of Niranjan: Islam, Theatre and Bangladesh
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This book is in praise of Nirañjan, "He who is stainless", by extension, of everything that is pure ..