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Climate Change Projections and Impacts on Small Drinking Water Systems of Bangladesh
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Climate change is affecting the entire world and its inhabitants, especially the poor, and more seve..
Bangladesh Disaster Report 2012
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The report covers: Urban Hazard, Air Pollution, Sound Pollution, Radiation from Mobile Phones, Indus..
Land and Soil Statistical Appraisal Book of Bangladesh
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The Land and Soil Resource Appraisal of Bangladesh is the first publication of the Soil Resources De..
Hospital Management : The Future in Asia
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Hospital Management is a dynamic, diversified and a multidimensional system. In recent times it has ..
Integrated Study on Sustainable Argiculture and Rural Development towards Research and Education in Myanmar and Surrounding Countries
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This book has been edited as the documentation of the proceeding of the International Workshop namel..
Master Plan for Agricultural Development in the Southern Region of Bangladesh
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The coastal districts have generally been identified as a disadvantaged region in terms of poverty, ..
Economic Geography of Bangladesh
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This book is meant to he both a text for university students and a reference for professionals. As i..
Strategic Adaptation Towards Water Crisis
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Importance of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) has been felt more than ever for ensuring ..
Storm Surges in Bangladesh An Introduction to CEGIS Storm Surge Model
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Bangladesh has been hit for centuries by the Bay of Bengal tropical cyclones. In terms of human ca..