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Civil Service Management in Bangladesh An Agenda for Policy Refrom
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The study is a pioneering attempt on civil service management in Bangladesh. The study is a unique b..
The Working of Parliamentary Committees in  Westminster Systems: Lessons for Bangladesh
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Committees are ubiquitous. They are found in all types of legislatures- large or small, old or new. ..
Regional Cooperation in South Asia: A Review of Bangladesh's Development 2004
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This volume is the ninth publication under the Independent Review of Bangladesh’s Development (IRBD)..
Bangladesh in the Mirror: An Outsider Perspective on a Struggling Democracy
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The challenge of establishing a functional democracy essential for national development has eluded m..
An Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
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The incidence of armed conflict in human society is as pervasive as the wish for peace is universal...
Development, Decentralization and Democracy: Exploring Social Capital and Politicization in the Bengal region
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This book explores the controversy in political science over the civil society/social capital paradi..
Bangladesh : Failure of a Parliamentary Government 1973 - 75
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Thirty years of independence from the internal colonial rule of Pakistan has not provided Bangladesh..
Globalisation and the LDCs : Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific Region
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This volume on Globalisation and LDCs: Perspectives from the Asia Pacific Region is a compendium of ..
Agendas for Economic Cooperation in South Asia: SACEPS Task Force Reports
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This volume is a compendium of four Task Force Reports and four Dialogue Reports prepared by the Sou..