Bangladesh Educational Statistics 2009

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Publication Date: December 1, 2010
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There has been remarkable achievement in education since our independence in 1971. The enrolment rate in primary education is almost 100% now. We have achieved gender parity in both Primary and Secondary level. Private Organizations and NGOs have also complemented government efforts in achieving education goals. The main responsibility of BANBEIS is to collect, analyze and compile data and publish educational statistics covering all levels in the post-primary sector. Since various levels and areas of education are inter-related, it is necessary and also pertinent to publish all statistics on education in a single publication. That is why; BANBEIS also compiles and disseminates education information published by the Directorate of Primary Education, University Grants Commission, Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, Technical Education, Directorate of Health Services, Ministry of Finance and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. Thus, the annual report entitled 'Bangladesh Education Statistics-2O09'comprises educational information through processing data from database and data collected from different sources. This report is based on self responding data. However, adequate quality control measures have been taken to optimize accuracy and completeness of data. We made an effort to present the latest available statistics. Therefore, we hope, it will be useful for purposes of educational planning and management. NGOs and private sectors as well as Development Partners of Bangladesh can also get benefits from this report.

Chapter 1: Basic Educational Statistics Indicators Chapter 2: School Education Chapter 3: College Education Chapter 4: Madrasah Education Chapter 5: Processional & Teacher Education Chapter 6: Technical and Vocational Education Chapter 7: University Education Chapter 8: Education Finance Chapter 9: Output Statistics Annex Questionnaires

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