About Us

Rubi Enterprise was established in 1995. We are pioneers in becoming the first online bookstore in Bangladesh. Though the name rubibook.com may sound new, the people here are old hands in book trade having over four decades of first-hand knowledge and experience in meeting the requirements of the international book market.

We offer here academic, research & scholarly books & publications originating from this part of the World on all the various themes relating to Historical Art, Prehistory, Historical Archaeology, Protohistory, Political History, Rural History, Historical Architecture, etc. The title/s required may be ordered online through our user-friendly site by anyone.

We decided to build this export-oriented enterprise with an avowed object of supplying the best in Bangladeshi publications to libraries, academics, and trade through the web in a real customer-oriented way. With the introduction of the latest techniques, we can offer here the broadest possible selection of current Bangladeshi books which is easy to navigate.

Although we have achieved spectacular growth since our early days, we maintain the same commitment to our customers. We are confident that you would enjoy doing business with us and assure you our best services, always. E

Email: rubie@dhaka.net

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