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From the Horse’s Mouth 1965-2000: Memoir of a bureaucrat in Pakistan and Bangladesh
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The third volume of the author's memoir takes the readers to a kaleidoscope of his career as acivil ..
My Life in Melodies
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Abbasuddin Ahmed is a legendary name in undivided Bengal, which includes West Bengal of India and er..
Through Moments in History : Memoirs of Two Decades of Intellectual and Social Life (1970-1990)
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The final part recounts the author’s struggle and successes, after he was thrown in exile in the las..
একাত্তরের স্মৃতি
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লেখিকা প্রত্যক্ষ করেছেন পঁচিশে মার্চের ভয়াল রাত, গুলিতে আহত স্বামীর মৃত্যু। পরবর্তী ন’মাস লড়াই করে..