Public Administration

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400 Years of Capital Dhaka and Beyond, Volume I: Politics Society Administration
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400 Years of Capital Dhaka and Beyond,Volume 1,is a three-volume anthology on Dhaka,which is among t..
Administrative Reforms in Bangladesh
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The dominant role of bureaucracy in governance in Bangladesh is well-known. Bangladesh has been and ..
Aiding the Parliament of Bangladesh: Experience and Prospect
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Establishing a Westminster-style parliamentary democracy was a dream of the independence leaders of ..
An Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
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The incidence of armed conflict in human society is as pervasive as the wish for peace is universal...
Bangladesh Civil Service: A Political-Administrative Perspective (2nd impression 2011)
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Politicisation of civil service has been much discussed in the media. Little research as to its impl..
Bangladesh in the Mirror: An Outsider Perspective on a Struggling Democracy
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The challenge of establishing a functional democracy essential for national development has eluded m..
Civil Service Management in Bangladesh An Agenda for Policy Refrom
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The study is a pioneering attempt on civil service management in Bangladesh. The study is a unique b..
Democracy in Crisis
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The liberal democratic values and the constitutional system have suffered serial reversals in Bangla..
Demographic Dividend in Bangladesh: Strategies, Ramifications and Horizon in Larger Canvas
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The concept of demographic dividend means different things to different minds. This book provides a ..
Development through Decentralization in Bangladesh - Evidence and Perspectives
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The book is based on the findings of a survey conducted in 1990 of four erstwhile upazilas in the di..
Faces of Terrorism in Bangladesh
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This volume consists of 26 columns published earlier in various leading dailies between the years 20..
Good Governance and e-Governance Combat Corruption in Bangladesh
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Governance is an exercise of economic, political and administrative authority for managing a nation’..
Good Governance: Theory and Practice
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This book is an attempt to explain the major elements of good governance with a blend of very local ..
Governance: South Asian Perspectives
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Governance in theory and practice has been the subject of intense discussion and indepth study both ..
Gresham's Law Syndrome and Beyond
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Bangladesh has witnessed a continuous regress in governance since her birth in 1971. The flouting of..
Human Development in South Asia 1998: The Education Challenge
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There are 50 million children not attending primary school in South Asia. Another 40 per cent drop o..