Disaster Management

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Bangladesh Disaster Report 2012
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The report covers: Urban Hazard, Air Pollution, Sound Pollution, Radiation from Mobile Phones, Indus..
Climate Change Projections and Impacts on Small Drinking Water Systems of Bangladesh
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Climate change is affecting the entire world and its inhabitants, especially the poor, and more seve..
Climate Change, Sea-level Rise and Development in Bangladesh
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In his ninth book on Bangladesh’s physical geography and agriculture, the author draws upon his long..
Compendium of Environment Statistics of Bangladesh-2009
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Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) has prepared the first version of the Compendium of Environmen..
Financing Local Adaptation: Ensuring Access for the Climate Vulnerable in Bangladesh
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The research report focuses on Bangladesh as a case study in exploring how to bridge the divide betw..
Options for Self-reliant Resurgence: CPD’s Rapid Assessment of Flood 2004
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The 2004 flood in Bangladesh will be remembered because of the rapidity with which it struck, and th..
The Monsoon in Bangladesh
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This book presents comprehensive aspects of climatological characteristics of the monsoon seasonal t..