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Aspirations and Ideas: Designing with Context
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An expression of the aspiring architectural visions of the future Bangladesh, this book aims to cata..
Buildings of the British Raj in Bangladesh
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The British period was not only one during which the British alone were responsible for construction..
Designing with Grade 500 Steel
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A vast majority of concrete design and construction today uses Grade 420 (420 MPa 60 ksi) steel, wit..
Dhaka: From Mughal Outpost to Metropolis
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DHAKA: From Mughal Outpost to Metropolis is the first book that provides a pictorial history at the ..
Epic Stories in Terracotta: Depicted on Kantanagar Temple, Bangladesh
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Located picturesquely in a peaceful island village of Kantanagar in Dinajpur District of Bangladesh,..
Making Dhaka Livable
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With a population of almost 12 million, Dhaka is the world's 11th largest city and amongst the most ..
Muzharul Islam Architect
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Muzharul Islam is the single most dominant influence on modern architecture in Bangladesh. Fifty eig..
The Buildings of Khan Jahan in and Around Bagerhat
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The area around the present small township of Bagerhat, known in the Middle Ages as the Mosque-city ..