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1971: Inside and Outside (১৯৭১: ভেতরে বাইরে)
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গ্রুপ ক্যাপ্টেন (পরে এয়ার ভাইস মার্শাল) এ কে খন্দকার বীর উত্তম মুক্তিযুদ্ধকালে বাংলাদেশ বাহিনীর ডেপু..
A Temporary Sojourn and Other Stories
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The characters of Nasreen Jahan’s stories are social misfits and discards, people who rarely attra..
Bangladesh: A Legacy of Blood
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This is a book written by Anthony Mascarenhas , a renowned Journalist of Pakistan in 1971. He became..
Bangladesh: Six Decades (1947-2007)
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History as a discipline is always challenging, and at time elusive, as the thin line dividing fact a..
Bittersweet Victory A Freedom Fighters Tale
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Nineteen seventy-one left an indelible impression on all Bengalis as indiscriminate massacre, destru..
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Blame is about Laila and to some extent about Gita, from the ages of 13 in 1965 to 19 in 1971, ..
Buildings of the British Raj in Bangladesh
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The British period was not only one during which the British alone were responsible for construction..
Crafted by History An Interpretive Review of the Emergence of Bangladesh
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This is an unconventional interpretive review of the struggle for democratic rights in the history o..
Dhaka in the Liberation War 1971
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Of the various methods in forming a nation-state, the armed struggle for liberation is one. In 1971,..
Dhaka: From Mughal Outpost to Metropolis
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DHAKA: From Mughal Outpost to Metropolis is the first book that provides a pictorial history at the ..
Ekattor: Moment of Victory
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The book is a photographic history of the final moments of our liberation war. It is a collection ma..