South Asian Studies

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Ethnicity and Human Security in Bangladesh and Pakistan
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The book identifies the sources and nature of threats to people belonging to ethnic groups and conce..
Evolving Security Discourse in Sri Lanka: From National Security to Human Security
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Sri Lanka at independence in 1948 was an oasis of stability, peace and security. It was a shining ex..
Human Development in South Asia 1998: The Education Challenge
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There are 50 million children not attending primary school in South Asia. Another 40 per cent drop o..
Human Security in India: Health, Shelter and Marginalisation
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South Asia is undoubtedly a human security deficit region. India too is no exception. This volume is..
Pakistan: Haunting Shadows of Human Security
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This book is an endeavour to bring to surface some of the seething problematics which are intricatel..
Paradigms of Conflict Resolution in South Asia
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The central theme of the book is the changing paradigms of conflict and conflict resolution after th..
Regional Cooperation and Globalisation: Bangladesh, South Asia and Beyond
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The volume represents a range of themes covering a myriad of issues and problems facing South Asia..
South Asia Crisis of Development: The Case of Bangladesh
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Fifty years of independence has not provided the degree of economic growth, social enlightenment of ..
The Plight of the Stateless Rohingyas: Responses of the State, Society & the International Contemporary
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In tracing the plight of the Rohingya refugees, the study shows that the Rohingya refugee problem wa..
Towards Regional Integration in South Asia: Promoting Trade Facilitation and Connectivity
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This compendium focuses on some of the most pressing issues that are critically important to advanci..
Women and Human Security in South Asia: The Cases of Bangladesh and Pakistan
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The book brings a gender sensitive approach into the discourse and practice on human security in Ban..
Women and Militancy: South Asian Complexities
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This book is an attempt to bring the complexities and multiplicities of violence inflicted against w..