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An Alternative Way of Agricultural Development By the Koya People in Andhra Pradesh, India
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This book discloses what the author has learned from the Koya people through his fieldwork. Revealin..
A Quiet Violence: View from a Bangladesh Village
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This book gives names and faces to some of the world's poorest people, the inhabitants of a Banglade..
A simple solution: Teaching millions to treat diarrhoea at home
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This is a tale of how a medical technology was adapted, revised and presented to ad illiterate publi..
Census of Slum Areas and Floating Population-2014
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The Census of Slum Areas and Floating Population 2014 , the third in its series, is an urban pro - p..
Dhaka: An Urban Reader
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Dhaka is one of the world's megacities, yet relentless traffic, environmental deterioration, and poo..
Globalization and Anti-Globalization: A Critique of Contemporary Capitalism and its Counter Trends
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The opponents, however, contend that the above globalist version of reality is an exaggeration. It b..
Manderangni Jagring: Images of the Garos in Bangladesh
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To the casual visitor Bangladesh may seem an ethnically uniform country but a close look whole const..
Some Trouble with Cows: Making Sense of Social Conflict
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A Constructed from first-person accounts by Hindus and Muslims, the story told here by sociolog..
The Strong Women of Modhupur
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The Strong Women of Modhupur reviews the history of the Garo people of both India and Bangladesh sin..
Urban Crime and Violence in Dhaka
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Based on extensive field investigations as well as analysis of secondary data, Urban Crime and Viole..