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Administrative Reforms in Bangladesh
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The dominant role of bureaucracy in governance in Bangladesh is well-known. Bangladesh has been and ..
Aiding the Parliament of Bangladesh: Experience and Prospect
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Establishing a Westminster-style parliamentary democracy was a dream of the independence leaders of ..
Bangladesh : Failure of a Parliamentary Government 1973 - 75
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Thirty years of independence from the internal colonial rule of Pakistan has not provided Bangladesh..
Bangladesh Civil Service: A Political-Administrative Perspective (2nd impression 2011)
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Politicisation of civil service has been much discussed in the media. Little research as to its impl..
Bangladesh Emergency and the Aftermath 2007-2008
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Elections in Bangladesh are invariably tainted by different forms of rigging. In 1991, the concept o..
Bangladesh: A Study of the Democratic Regimes
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Bangladesh: A Study of the Democratic Regimes is the author’s fifth book on the politics of Banglade..
Bangladesh: Era of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (5th impression)
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The August coup of 1975, assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the events that followed have sh..
Civil Service Management in Bangladesh An Agenda for Policy Refrom
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The study is a pioneering attempt on civil service management in Bangladesh. The study is a unique b..
Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Emerging Economies: The Case of Bangladesh
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This book is an outcome of a study on corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices and their co..
Corrupt Bureacracy and Privatization of Tax Enforcement in Bangladesh
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This book integrates three issues: tax evasion, bureaucratic corruption and privatization. it answer..