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Selected Surrealist Poems by Abdul Mannan Syed
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Abdul Mannan Syed (1 943-2010), a versatile writer, poet and researcher has authored some 150 books ..
ফ্রানৎস কাফকা এক অনশন শিল্পী চারটি গল্প
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ফ্রানৎস কাফকা বিংশ শতাব্দীর বিশ্বসাহিত্যের সবচেয়ে প্রভাবশালী লেখক। এ পর্যন্ত নোবেল বিজয়ী ১০৯ জন লে..
The Story of Bones and Other Poems
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The story of bones and other poems is a book of verse by kamal Chowdhury, a poet of the 70s. The poe..
The Mysterious Jungle
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The twins, John and Torn dream to be sailors and are very adventurous. Dragged by the attraction of ..
The Legendary Ghost: Ghost Invasion
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There's a legend that somewhere, high up in the mountains the kingdom of the alien ghosts is hidden...
The Legendary Ghost: Ghastly Perfection
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The Legendary Ghost : The Ghastly Perfection is a direct sequel to The Legendary Ghost : Ghost invas..
The Legendary Ghost : Extinction
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The Legendary Ghost: Extinction is the direct sequel to The Legendary Ghost: The Ghastly Perfection...
The 'Pariah' People - An Ethnography of the Urban Sweepers in Bangladesh
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This book depicts the life and social adaptation of some urban sweepers in Bangladesh. They live as ..
Blinded Eyes Looted Dreams : 100 Selected Poems of Mahadev Saha
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A Masters in Bangla literature Iron Rajshahi University. Mahadev Saha started to write poetry in the..
Tale of the Evenings (poems)
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All your Empty Spaces are empty, hollow and empty, and you are not there. Your occupied spaces are f..
Selected poems of Bimal Guha
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BIMAL GUHA is one of the leading poets of Bangladesh. In his poems he portrays patriotism, national ..