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Tale of the Evenings (poems)
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All your Empty Spaces are empty, hollow and empty, and you are not there. Your occupied spaces are f..
Story of the Ghosts Living in Water
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The arsenic contamination of groundwater is one of the main environmental issues in Bangladesh. WSP ..
Shishu Kishor Golposomogro
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হুমায়ূন আহমেদ এর রচনার চমৎকারিত্ব ধরা পড়েছে তার ছোট গল্পে- সে বড়দের কিংবা ছোটদের যাই হোক। এজন্যেই বড়..
Selected poems of Bimal Guha
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BIMAL GUHA is one of the leading poets of Bangladesh. In his poems he portrays patriotism, national ..
Monsoon Letters collection of poems
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"The volume of poems reflects the tremendous interest in writing creatively in English in Bangladesh..
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“The beauty in Shehzar Doja’s poetry lies not only in the imagery and the language itsel..
Do Not Build a Cage For Man
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A good book can be a whole world. This poetry is a rich and colorful world. Some poems make me laugh..
Beyond the Blue Beneath The Bliss : Poetic Imagination of Al Mahmud : Adventure Oppression Serenade Destruction Temptation Salvation Prayer
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... in may savage ancient inherited native blood. I don't know who poured a bowlful powder of sulphu..
Niyajir Atmosomorponer Dolil (Witness to Surrender) Bengali
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নিয়াজির আত্মসমর্পনের দলিল নিয়াজির আত্মসমর্পনের দলিল Product details Hardcover: 213 pages ..
অরণ্যে যুদ্ধ
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২০১২ সালের ফেব্রুয়ারিতে অরন্ধতী রায় অনেকটা নিঃশব্দে মধ্য ভারতের মাওবাদী অধ্যুষিত যুদ্ধক্ষেত্র দণ্ডকা..