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Bengali Language and Culture (Contributions to Bangladesh Studies Volume X)
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Dr. Afia Dil, a front-raking Bengali linguist with her Ph.D. degree in Linguistics from Stanford Uni..
From Language to Civilization
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From Language to Civilization is a book about Bangladesh. Mainly the book has been focused on its hi..
From the Horse’s Mouth 1965-2000: Memoir of a bureaucrat in Pakistan and Bangladesh
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The third volume of the author's memoir takes the readers to a kaleidoscope of his career as acivil ..
Good Governance and e-Governance Combat Corruption in Bangladesh
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Governance is an exercise of economic, political and administrative authority for managing a nation’..
My Life in Melodies
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Abbasuddin Ahmed is a legendary name in undivided Bengal, which includes West Bengal of India and er..
Women’s Changing Position in Bangladesh: Tribute to Begum Rokeya (Contributions to Bangladesh Studies Volume XI)
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We both admire Begum Rokeya as a person and for her pioneering role in the emancipation of women, es..