Environment of Capital Dhaka: Plants Wildlife Gardens Park Open Spaces Air Water Earthquake

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Brand: Asiatic Society of Bangladesh
Authors: Md. Anwarul Islam (Editor)
Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 9789843315588
Page: 432
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Publication Date: May 1, 2010
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Environment of Capital Dhaka Plants Wildlife Gardens Parks Open Spaces Air Water Earthquake is one of twenty research based books which the Society of Bangladesh has undertaken to publish in connection with the celebrating 400 years of Capital Dhaka. The idea behind the enterprise was to delineate the various aspects of the history of development of Dhaka during the last 400 years. One of the crucial aspects of the history of Capital Dhaka during the last four centuries has been its environment. The most significant development in the recent global history relates to the change in its environment, both through natural causes and by human actions. Urbanization is one of the man-made enterprises which have caused tremendous changes in the environment of many parts of the globe as people began to live together in small and large cities of the world. The pace of urbanization in the world accelerated with the industrial revolution that began in the 18th century. Small cities beautifully situated on the banks of rivers or on the coast of oceans or some such other convenient places started to spread extensively as industries, trades and administrations began to draw more and more people from the rural areas to their boundaries. Later many town and city authorities were able to contain this rush of people in proper ways but others could not, the result being a degradation of their environment. The ecological balance of the places has been dangerously disturbed. Capital Dhaka is a case in point. Growing into an urban centre in a most beautiful and resourceful environment with rich lands, rivers, lakes, gardens, plants. open spaces, forests, wildlife and unpolluted atmosphere, it has seen the worst changes in its ecology in the name of urbanizatron in the past. Unfortunately, these are the findings that have come up in our research. However, the research findings have also shown that it is still possible to roll back the situation. In depicting the environment of Dhaka,

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