Social Protection in Bangladesh Building Effective Social Safety Nets and Ladders out of Poverty

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Brand: University Press Limited
Authors: David Hulme (Editor), Hossain Zillur Rahman (Editor), Luigi Peter Ragno (Editor), Mathilde Maitrot (Editor)
Edition: 1st edition
ISBN: 9879845061452
Page: 364
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Publication Date: January 1, 2014
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Bangladesh has been ahead of the curve in responding to the challenges of risk, vulnerability and social protection. Having laid a robust foundation of safety net programs, the quest is now for a national social protection strategy that effectively aims for a sum that is greater than its parts. This publication is an important milestone in this journey of vision, commitment and innovation. Drawing on the 2011 international conference on social protection held in Dhaka, the volume provides a rich body of researched knowledge, lessons from international experiences as well as strategic insights on the way forward.

Divided into four parts, the volumeexamines analytical perspectives onsocial protection and reviews international experiences on the developmental role of social protection, challenges of graduation, financing options, prioritizing a child focus, country-specific experiences of Mexico, China and Kenyaas well as the lessons for Bangladesh. Two concluding parts bring the focus on reform challenges for scaling up social protection and outlines the road ahead.

Table of Contents:
Ch 1. Consolidating Nets and Promoting Ladders in Bangladesh: From Social Safety Net Programmes to a National Social Protection System
Ch 2. Social Protection's Role within a Modern Development Agenda
Ch 3. Social Protection, Poverty Exit and Household's Behaviour: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
Ch 4. Social Protection's Role in Reducing Poverty and Promoting Inclusive Growth in Risk Prone Environment
Ch 5. Global Perspectives on Graduation and Promotion
Ch 6. Fiscal and Financing Dimensions of Social Protection Systems
Ch 7. Child Sensitive Social Protection: A Case for Enhancing Effectiveness and Efficiency in Development Programming
Ch 8. Opportunidades- Mexico's Experience
Ch 9. China's Experience on Social Protection of Migrants to Urban Areas
Ch 10. Use of Technology in Delivering Social Protection: The Case of M-PESA
Ch 11. International Experience of Delivering Social Protection: Are There Lessons for Bangladesh?
Ch 12. Extreme Poor Adivasis and the Problem of Accessing Social Safety Nets
Ch 13. Comprehensive Social Protection for the Urban Poor: Integrating Health and Social Protection Programmes
Ch 14. Child Poverty in Bangladesh and the Social Protection Response: A Brief Overview and Ways Forward
Ch 15. UNICEF Support to Bangladesh Government in Modelling Child Sensitive Social Protection
Ch 16. The Fiscal Dimensions of Social Protection Reforms in Bangladesh
Ch 17. The Treatment Effect of Social Safety Nets Programmes in Bangladesh: A Regression Discontinuity Design Approach
Ch 18. Social Protection in Bangladesh: The Road Ahead

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