Story of the Ghosts Living in Water

Price: U$15.00
Publisher: Rubi Enterprise
Authors: Kazuyo Minamide (Author)
Edition: 1st edition
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9789843345998
Page: 40
Format: Paperback
Language: English, Bengali, Japane
Product Code: 4507
Availability: In Stock
Condition: New Book, Never used

The arsenic contamination of groundwater is one of the main environmental issues in Bangladesh. WSP (Water Smile Project: an educational tool for safe water and nutrition for rural people in Bangladesh) aimed to build a practical education model to provide children with knowledge about safe water and to promote healthy body to avoid arsenic effect at primary schools run by a Bangladeshi NGO, Basic Development Partners (BDP). This story book has come up as a fruit of WSP to motivate children to think/discuss the utilization of water. Not only in Bangladesh, but it may be utilized in other places where people suffer from the same problem and also in other developing countries to address issues of safe water and hygiene. This contains the story in English, Bengali, and Japanese.

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