Millennial Generation in Bangladesh: Their Life Strategies, Movement, and Identity Politics

Price: U$21.00
Publisher: University Press Limited
Authors: Kazuyo Minamide (Editor)
Edition: 1st
Year: 2022
ISBN: 9789845063890
Page: 238
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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The young generation born in the 1990s is now Bangladesh's largest population cohort and have shown significant potential to transform their society. Most of them were born twenty years after Bangladesh's independence in 1971 and have been the focus of development initiatives. They were intended to help the country's economic progress, and thereby have been the target of international aid, globalization, and Islamization. Furthermore, the 1990s generation, also known as "Millennials" globally, are exposed to and connected via the internet, mobile phone networks, and numerous social media platforms. The contributors in this book discuss life strategies, social movements, and identity politics of contemporary Bangladeshi youth, particularly in the urban contexts. How do they identify themselves in the social and national contexts and how the nation's framework could work for their life strategy? It also explores globalization and its many varied connotations in different socioeconomic classes. The book can stimulate major discussion not only in Bangladesh studies but also in global studies on "youth and society." Ethnographic descriptions can also attract readers to understand the actual dynamic situations of youth in Bangladesh.

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