Report on Economic Census 2013: In Abridged Form

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Year: 2015
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The third Economic Census throughout the country was successfully conducted by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) during 31 March - 31 May 2013 in two phases. It is the second major statistical operation of the BBS and involves massive

operation both at the field & national level. The main objectives of the census are toprovide an updated frame for undertaking future socio-economic surveys for revising and updating the national income accounts. A major breakthrough has been made in the system of classification of all enterprises & establishments following International Standard Industrial Classifications (ISIC) Rev-IV. Another improvement has been brought through collecting the information on employment which will facilitate classification of the economic units into size groups. This census will also be used to prepare a business register of all economic activities for conducting future establishment & institution based surveys. In order to meet the needs of government administration, policy makers, planners and other users this preliminary report has been prepared based on the tally sheets (summary results) containing key information on number of total units, permanent establishments, temporary establishments, households with economic activities and the sectoral categories of establishments by administrative divisions. The results of the preliminary report may slightly differ from those of the final report as it will be prepared after processing all census questionnaires.

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