Eternal Chittagong

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Brand: Daily Star Books
Authors: Shamsul Hossain (Author)
Edition: 1st edition
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Publication Date: January 1, 2012
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Chittagong is one of the oldest seaports and the 10th fastest growing city in the world. Its rich cultural plurality and economic resources are the wealth of our nation. The region has other untapped resources and immense capability which can further the progress of Bangladesh. It can also serve as a regional hub in South Asia, if this potential of the region is seriously developed.

The kingdom of Harikela flourished on the banks of Karnafuli from the 7th century CE onwards, and its cultural properties have come down the ages through its sculptures, coins, replicas and epigraphs. The Sultan of Sonargoan conquered the seaport of Harikela and annexed the whole kingdom. ‘Chatgaon’ was also an important mint during the Sultanate period. The Arakanese occupied Chittagong and issued tri-lingual coins symbolizing socio-cultural harmony. They patronized the advancement of Bangla literature in expelled thea Arakanese from Chatigrama after winning the War of Karnafuli. The city was renamed Islamabad. The seaport had also caught the eye of the Europeans, and has ever since remained home to many foreign nationals. The East India Company received it as ceded territory and established colonial rule in Chittagong and founded the modern port.

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