Traditional Agricultural Implements of Bangladesh

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Publisher: Rubi Enterprise
Authors: Kazuo Ando (Author), Muhammad Salin (Author)
Edition: 1st edition
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9789843324924
Page: 161
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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Traditionally the farmers of Bangladesh have been using a variety of tools or implements in their everyday life, often for agricultural operations and household purpose. The traditional agricultural tools have been developed in order to adopt the farmers themselves into the socio-physical environment at their localities. The traditional agricultural tools have accordingly much local variations. The skill of operating and making those tools has been inherited from one generation to another generation at rural communities. The study on Traditional Agricultural Implements was conducted in the eleven different localities of Bangladesh from north to south in collaboration with the local peoples belonging to small, marginal and large farmer's categories aged farmers, women and agricultural labourers etc. A total of 106 tools appear in the book. Most of the tools are made by local artisans or villagers themselves from local woods, bamboo, soil and metal etc. Bangladesh agriculture is moving fast toward mechanization and chemicalization for improving livelihood systems. As a result the traditional tools and implements have rapidly been disappearing from the rural livelihood systems. The book is an attempt to make documentation of the traditional agricultural implements in terms of graphics, operation and material in the selected areas of Bangladesh for the reference to the students and the scholars of agricultural science as well as the other related fields including anthropology, folklore, rural history, rural economics and development studies and so on.

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